At What price are you likely selling your NEX?

(Crypto Eks) #83

Thanks for the overview mate! sure 24 is better :+1:

(Oldsport) #84

Are you sure we’ll have multiple “staking slots” ?

(Bunder) #85

Hmmm, Good question…

I think: ‘yes’.

Because: what if you stake your 1000 NEX, for 20 months. After 3 months you think: WOW , NEX is doing very well, NEX is the best!!!

What do you do? You are buying more and want to stake more…
So, I think yes, there must be multiple ‘staking slots’ :smiley:

-bunder :nex_logo:

(Oldsport) #86

This kind of flexibility looks like a must-have.
And I agree with you that the use case tends to make us think we ought be able to stake multiple amount for multiple different staking periods.

(Crypto Eks) #87

From the screenshots I could see multiple “stakes” with different periods but I dont know if there is a limit on how many you can have.

(Cryptomoneymaker) #88

Totally agree :wink:

(Malik) #89

Lol, Im not selling until 2030

(Colegio) #90

It is very sad to watch NEX holders offering to sell their NEX in OTC channels at ICO price ($1/NEX) down from being valued at approx $1.8-$2/NEX due to the depressing market state. This is THE ONE coin smart investors should hodl until at least the market recovers. If anyone here sells their NEX during this bear storm, I’m gonna smack you silly.

(Crypt On The Beat) #91

Lot of people in this space are here only for quick rich scheme. People who understand and see the real value of this disruptive tech will be rewarded. When I see how Facebook developed himself in 10 years i’m only imagine what NEX can do in this timeline, Fire :fire::fire::fire:


I really and truly believe NEX will be the best product on the market. Maybe one or two equal with it in some aspects. The plan to be even simpler to use than some CEXs while giving users control of funds where possible. Going the legal route with fee sharing regulated with the registered security token.

Not to mention securities trading in future, all in one place. I will be shocked if it isn’t a big success